Sunday, October 28, 2012

how many "hahaha that's funny"s make a Like?

If I'm talking to a group of people and I say something I think is worthwhile, I can immediately know the share of the group that thinks I'm onto something — we see the smiles / blank stares; the laughs / groans.

But when we communicate via social networks, w/ Facebook as the man in the middle, the only feedback available is in the number of likes we receive… which is a mad lossy proxy. e.g.

"How many of your 1k friends thought that thing you posted last night was funny?"

"Well I got 8 likes and 2 comments, so, 10?"


What we have to have is the conversion rate from me bein on Facebook saying "hahaha that's funny" to me hitting the like button.

Is it 1 in 50 (1 like per 50 "that's funny"s)? That'd mean that that pic I took and posted of my lambchop sandwich, which got 10 likes made 500 ppl smile? Seems high. 1 in 10?

Let's tackle this with the supply curve: I think my like-giving rate might be around 1 in 20 laughs get a like.

But I think I might be more like-withholding than the average.

So gimme yours and I'll plus 'em together into a self-reporting-bias'd estimate and publish the findings in Science with your name above mine.

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