Monday, May 28, 2012

the conversionification of movie trailers

With netflix, iTunes, and the other supply and on-demand portals sucking in evermore of our movie watching, the movie trailer will have to adjust.

Consider the goal of trailers past: make people in movie theaters or on the couch watching tv say "dang i want to go see that movie, i'm gonna invite my friends and go next friday!"

Versus the goal of trailers in iTunes: make people browsing the catalog say "this looks awesome, this is what i'm going to watch right now"...

Yesterday's trailers are like billboards, tv commercials — brand awareness-y things. But today's should be built for conversion. 

So here's an idea: get jjabrams to direct your movie trailer and end your preview on a killer cliffhanger. 

make 'em say "gahhhh what's gonna happen?!" and then show 'em the bill.

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