Saturday, October 1, 2011

the takeaway from the bcs conference realignment waffle house

If we learn one thing from this college football conference realignment palooza-gate, why not it be on the foolishness of including a number in your conference name..?

To recap: the PAC 10 (once the PAC 8) adds boulder and the U of U to become the PAC 12. The Big 10 had a negative space "11" in their logo cuz they really have eleven teams, before Nebraska left the big 12 to join the big 10, leaving the big 12 with ten teams and the big 10 with twelve teams... except on the second tuesday of every month when they play Parent Trap and pretend to be each other.

I feel like I'm describing a telenovela: musical chair lovers, secret identities, and back from the dead evil twins. 

How many trips to the rebranding drawing board will it take before we leave the numbers at the door?

SEC. ACC. Perfectly fine names.

In the age of conference spit-swapping, putting a number behind your name is like naming Destiny's Child "Beyonce, X, and Y" and then adjusting the name and logo of the group each time one of the girls circles in our out. 

also, what's with all the bigs?

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