Sunday, September 18, 2011

On puttin the "pop" back in a Coke, cinnabon, and sensory spam.

Did you hear that Coke made the sound of opening the can louder?  Oh, of course you didn't, cuz I was opening my soda.

I have yet to break out my decibel reader, but I'm pretty sure they did. 

They must have taken a tip from the indoor cinnabons that blow out enough cinna-scent to lure customers from 2 terminals away. Call it sensory marketing? I say sensory spam.

Someone opens her coke down the hall and suddenly I am drinking a coke in the north pole with a polar bear who's wearing a Christmas sweater.

I think this calls for a Pepsi Challenge spin-off: can you identify your beverage of choice by the sound poppin?

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