Tuesday, September 6, 2011

don't make me "like" bad news

If the mood strikes, I'll think about tweeting your article. Or I might re-blog it. And if ppl besides Google employees and Adrian Grenier were still using google+, I'd +1 it as well.  But don't ask me to "Like" bad news. (see image above)

In a world of so many social networks, the act of "telling your friends" has been branded into mad different directions -- each network having coined its own synonym of "to share": to tweet, to tumbl, to +1, to like.

But Facebook's coin, the "like", can get weird… because dissimilar to its cousins, "like" is, like, a real word.

When you, as a publication, prompt me to like your story about massive wildfires my internal dialogue is "do I like destruction?", rather than "do I want to share this story with my network?". Which seems off. 

In my brief Google Skim (as opposed to a more in depth Google Search) it seems like most newspapers have chosen... wisely -- having opted for the "Recommend" Facebook button over the old thumb. But mad others have not… most notably among them the WSJ. 

We know that bad news sells, but just because we buy it (retweet it) does not mean that we like it.

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