Sunday, September 11, 2011

the bieber index: how well do we know the "i before e" rule

Above, a comparison of the number of times that people google search "bieber" each month versus the number of times that ppl input "beiber".

14,800 searchers -- or 20% of the bieber searching population -- are misspelling young Justin's name, breaking one of the few commandments of 1st grade spelling: "i before e, kid!" 

Given this info, can we say that 20% of us are hit or miss on our i's before e's?

Luckily, probably not... Cuz when we consider that 95% of those biebs searches likely came at the quivering hands of pre-teen girls, it might be safer to say that it's just the tweens that are missing that black belt in spelling. 

Send 'em back to Ms. Lippy for some remediation.

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