Saturday, June 25, 2011

"hey im interviewing for the associate intern position...?"

By Nathan 6/25/2011
I think that at some point past the word "internship" was used mostly with a time-stamped prefix -- we had summer Internships, semester internships, etc. But as hiring seasons changed and mad things rearranged "internship" ditched its qualifier and stepped out on its autonomous own. 

In kind, "I am an intern for the summer" became "I am intern until.. shit, well, i guess until I am no longer an intern". These days, we leave one internship for another like they're mill-runnin' jobs cause the new 'ships promise to be better opportunities. 

So, considering that "intern" has become just another title, when will we start seein the usual tagalongs re: associate, senior, junior.

"Mom! I got promoted! From Intern to Senior Intern! Yea! And get this… There are going to be three Associate Interns working underneath me!"

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