Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boyfriend as the shop block:

By Nathan 6/14/2011

Is a woman who goes into a women's clothing store towing a man expected to spend more or less money than a woman who enters alone?
All things equal, probably less. Thinking on a purely stereotypical level, the man is bored, slouching deep, repetitively thumbing open his iPhone. he's not exactly: "hey try this one on too!"

So as the store, how do you peel off the lame boyfriend?

One idea: locate next to a guy-ish store (see Madewell next to Brookstone in the picture above). Remote control helicopters, massage chairs, ipad accessories and more, right next door! It's like being Richie Rich's neighbor..

Option 2 is to take us clubbin -- put a bouncer out front and don't let the guys under the rope.

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