Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Garageband Loop that Dominates Reality TV

By Nathan 5/09/2011


You've heard this guitar riff before (pay no attention to the hairy man dancing).  The guitar loop to reality tv soundtracks what James Brown's "Funky Drummer" (wiki) is to hip hop. It has whittled its way into the soundtrack of seemingly every reality tv show aired in the last 10 years. Housewives, Bethenny, big brother, HGTV -- it has rocked 'em all. A fact which becomes more noteworthy when we consider that this is Acoustic Noodling 02, a royalty-free loop plucked straight from Apple's Garageband

For those unfamiliar with Garageband, it is Apple's drag-and-drop music creation studio, which comes pre-packed with 1000s of blippy loops like this one. On Garageband, anyone over the age of 6 can patch these bits into sweet ass songs. 

I would think it mad embarrassing for the score of my emmy-nominated, network produced tv show to share the same musical backbone as the "music" that I/DJ Applesauce was making on Garageband at age 14 while on AIM trying to flirt with girls that only dated upperclassmen.

But apparently the execs are cool with bein on my level. I'm like:

Stop bein so cheap, and commission some original riffs, biffs. Cuz if I had known that my tracks could have netted me a nomination for Best Score I never would have quit the band. well, the garageband.

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