Friday, March 25, 2011

On & True as a deal merchant?! Really?

By Nathan 3/25/2011

Seems like e'eryone's got a daily deal component these days. Radio stations, newspapers, blogs, e-newsletters, etc. are slingin' flash offers to spas and restaurants. Because a deals-service has become one of those precious things which need only bodies to succeed. It's a similar idea as when they first started to sell beer at sporting events; it's like "hey, we've got a lot of people sitting in this stadium... and it's safe to say that most everyone likes beer, so.. why don't we sell beer!!" In terms of deals, once you have bodies in the seats, a readership, a listenership, a regular seaward ship, you just offer a 50% off coupon for a brazilian wax - the proverbial beer - and then sit back and watch the money pile up. So I'm not going to be surprised when Oprah comes out with something like HARPOffers.

I want to get in on the rackett, if only for pun option value of the name. I think I'd call my service sellin coupons to On & True readers: groupOn & True.

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