Saturday, January 15, 2011

The entire premise of 'Lost' came from a random episode of 'Felicity'?

Before creating Lost, J.J. Abrams wrote and directed Felicity, and in watching the clipped scene it becomes clear that J.J. is definitely down with upcycling.

The excerpt above takes us back to episode 4 of Felicity’s sophomore year. Felicity and Julie haven’t been speaking ever since Felicity went roadtrippin’ with Julie’s ex-boyfriend Ben. But we pick things up as the rift between the best-friends starts prairie doggin it, coming to a head. Felicity and Julie have not only stumbled into the same subway car, but into the subway car that then gets stuck below the streets of NY for hours – naturally they get to talking about things, and the fellow passengers become the unwitting jurors in the case of Julie v. Felicity.

What’s interesting to notes is that the black woman’s comment predicts word-for-word what 10 years later became one of the more popular theories about Lost. The idea of “the island” as some tropical purgatory, in which the characters had to come to terms with their pasts, was one of the theories that Lost fans loved to latch onto. And it was a flame that J.J. Abrams and the other writers of Lost were unafraid to stoke. They often did so with dialogue, that looking back seems straight out the mouth of the subway riding black woman in season 2 of Felicity.

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