Friday, December 24, 2010

What we really want to know about our favorite rappers

Now that Google Instant is in the business of finishing our sandwiches searches, we can use the big G not just for asking questions, but for peeping in on the questions that other people are asking as well. So: let’s see what e’eryone wants to know about 9 of their favorite rappers.

Most of the results turn up silly, but in some cases the questions that we are asking build neat wireframes of the artists’ personas, highlighting the traits that a caricature would surely elaborate.

1.Specifics on 50 cent's numerous beefs (including one with grandma?). But interesting to see that 50 is still leveraging beef so successfully towards stirring us up.

2.we want more on Weezy's jail time; and "is lil wayne gay", this is something that people are asking about a lot of rappers.

the absolute basics: name and favored gesture. We are essentially asking him to explain every one of his album covers.

Some attribute kanye west's asshole streak (his skidmark) to him being a devil worshipper, others think it's because he's a christian.

Drake might just be the first ever jewish, canadian rapper to marry a man

seems like all of those references to each other really turned some of us into Drakey-Minaj believers

#4, gold

is rumormongering a fitting legacy?

shit, I guess I'm the only one asking that one.... but you should follow On & True on twitter: HERE.

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