Sunday, December 19, 2010

a Twitter-Optimized iPhone keyboard

Check out this stepped-on graphic that we put together:

it’s an iPhone keyboard twisted for optimal tweetin’.

As you can see, the On & Twitter keyboard has a couple of key changes perfect for any iPhone-weilding tweeker.

First we dropped the “return” button in favor of a tweet button, because hitting return is weak when we aren’t really returning. I get where it comes from and all: “return” to the left side of the page to start in on a fresh line (though not as fresh a line as “we prime like optimus/ hungry hungry on the mic like I’m a fuckin hippopotamus.”) But Twizzles don’t like the implications of returning: they prefer to keep things moving forward, always onto the next quippy, slightly notable but mostly mad stupid thought that they think is totally tweet-worthy.

Secondly, we swapped the “U” and “I” keys for the @ and # characters. From the power-user perspective this trade’ll most likely turn out a better deal than one of those Groupon dips. Because when you think about it, vowels are nothing more than middlemen – taking up mad resources just to connect the letters that are actually doing the work. We used to have to ‘buy a vowel’, but these days vowels are heavy burdens. “@”, “#” on the other hand, damn: @ and # are the amino acids of writing on Twitter.

And as the third switch, you can see that we replaced the “O” with a question mark. As noted, vowels on Twttr r slly, so cutting the “O” makes sense – but that said, why promote the question mark? The “?” seems to be really important to Twitter users, all hypnotized with the impression that their most mundane curiosities deserve to be Tweets: “why do there have to be pretzels in Chex Mix??” It’s ugly, but it’s probably therapeutic, so it’s whatever and we’re hooking them up.

The On & Twitter keyboard is about user experience – tweaking for tweek optimization.

If I were a betting man I’d expect to find the updated keyboard in the next couple of updates to the Twitter App. But just to make sure, you can sign the petition for it by retweeting.

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