Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tweet or post a comment by next Tuesday to join the On & True high council

the subject line says it all. we've got a competition going on right now to choose the On & True high council. this is a game like trick-or-treat: you're guaranteed to win. all you have to do is comment on a post or tweet a post afixed with the (@onandtrue) and you'll be in.

what are the perks of being a high council member? shit, thousands. but deciding on the specific benefits will most likely be the first order of biz for the council.

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Archie R said...

count me in!

Game Set Mattsch! said...

in it to win it.

i want to make you a permanent feature on game set mattsch to highlight the often neglected, continually marginalized voice of the straight male in American society.

humid helen said...

is it too late??

prez said...

never too late. currently our council is at 5. what number do you think we should cap it at?

albina N muro said...

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