Wednesday, October 20, 2010

quick hitting: pizza toppings and a twitter feed

Wednesday. Some thoughts for you to toot and boot:

1. Something that's got to go: overpriced custom pizza.

You're in a pizza place right. And this is a sit down spot. The menu has a lot of specialty pizza's that "Enzo's" is excited to make for you. They've got this meat lovers pizza with the whole farm on it for like 20 dollars lets say. But then there's an option to create your own, be creative, customize your za. "Base price for just cheese: $18, and then it'll be $1.5o for each additional topping." So what you're really trying to say is that my pepperoni pizza will be essentially as expensive as the meat lover's pizza which includes just as much pepperoni and pounds of other shit? There's an economic explanation but I don't want to get into it. I can't believe we're continuing to stand for this. Fuck, we're getting a rawer deal than Time Warner did in the AOL merger. Let's start the revolution in the pizza parlor, just like they did in Do The Right Thing.

2. A twitter feed that I think should exist: "Celebrities, filtered"

One of the cool things about twitter is that it brings you a couple feet closer to real interactions with your fav celebrities. Celebrities talking about the most mundane shit is apparently awesome. the only problem though is that these savvy celebs are using twitter mostly to promote whatever they are promoting: I'm not interested in this. I'm interested in ochocinco talking about his pet pigeons. So we need one twitter feed that follows all good celebrities and retweets only the best from all of them. That way we only get the good shit. And as an added bonus we will only have to follow one account: which will help with our twitter sexiness by cutting our "following"s, as we all know that the only way to look like a bigger loser than following more people than you have followers is to go to school with "Loser" stamped to your forehead after you accidentally fall asleep on your hand after accidentally eating an edible at a "rufus" reggae lounge.

all i got. who's gonna start "celebrity filtered". ill follow you

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