Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick hittin: water cups, usher and iPhone's for the blind

It's Wednesday again. Here are a couple of segmented thoughts:

1. Something that's got to go: Small water cups

You're at the counter of any takeaway lunch spot and in response to the "anything to drink?" prompt you say "ah, just a cup for water, please" and they pull out a maad small glass."Damnn so much for sandwich-momentum, I'm gonna have to go to the dispenser at least 6 times to get through my meal." HOw are they going to give her the Wall E citizen, downfall of humanity sized Big Gulp for her diet coke while handing me this shit? Obvo it's a biz decision, but considering that it is, I'm sayin that the gov't should subsidize the water glass to promote my water drinking habits.

2. A "that" there should be an App for: iPhone brail

Blind people are missing out. But now that this dude is developing that badass "feel the keys" touch screen technology, iPhone brail shouldn't be far behind.

3. Least favorite song right now: Usher's DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

Not only is it more overplayed on our radio airwaves than World of Warcraft is among the Chinese youth, but it bugs me how few lyrics there are quantitatively. Usher seems to repeat every word at least 3 times just to take up space (side side to side side). He's like Eddie the Echo from those old McDonald's commercials.

I guess he said everything he had to say in the first installment of the saga. If the Love in this Club Trilogy continues on this trajectory though, the third iteration will just be Usher singing one phrase - "Around the World" style.

What is your least fav song right now? there's plenty to choose from (@ke$ha)

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