Sunday, October 10, 2010

My briefest brush with MTV fame turned waxy

Check out the email I got last week. I’ll give you a second to finish. A message from MTV!? On & True transforming from Urcle into Stephan right before our eyes.! But not actually, in the end we’re still nowhere just sitting here thinking of a better time.

When I first got the message I thought I was going to jail but this ain’t kafka. Then I showed it to my so fly gfry and she interpreted it as a first step towards getting chosen to be the next MTV video dj which might actually have been even worse. So I looked closer: although the email seems surfacely legitimate – the “Request from MTV” subject line, and the twitter and facebook follow links are done well – a closer examination reveals an email sketchier than that guy who brings a backpack to a house party.

The domain doesn’t exist. And a Lisbeth style google search reveals some email addresses using bigoted slurs on message boards. Shiiit I said: this wasn’t the first splintering of my big break, I was just a patsy – a regular Billy Mumphrey getting mixed up in the high stakes game of world diplomacy and international intrigue: this was some sort of weird scam.

It was a let down no doubt, and it got me thinking about how great things must have been back in the internet’s salad days before the medium became saturated with promotions, spams and scam.

Remember how good that stuffed AOL mailbox used to look good back in middle school? It was one of the most alluring and filled-with-possibility box in the history of boxes, ranking third behind only Wonderbox and the one pandora had.

And it must have been nice when you could trust that someone offering you a Free iPad wasn't just trying to install malware on your computer. Or when you could believe in the Nigerian prince's offer to share his fortune with you and not fear the kidnapping of your social security number. When an email from MTV was most likely an email from MTV.

Although there’s exaggeration here, it seems that we have long passed the spam vs. content tipping point, and are now using the internet much more often for mischief than for creation.

I feel like a Native American walking through the dump ass strip malls of modern day suburbia, imagining what the plains mountains and rivers looked like before the white-man spammed that shit.


Game Set Mattsch! said...

Sadness! too bad it wasn't real.

this blog makes an interesting story. one of unbridled enthusiasm. Yes, enthusiasm. and that's what led to your downfall.

Grant S said...

email is spoiled. but right now our text messages are still pristine. will the same thing that happened to the internet happen to texts?

and put me down for the elderly council.

humid helen said...

Not all Native Americans are against strip malls.

Jim said...

lol, I was searching for info on the domain and found this post. Got the same email about a post I did over two years ago.

I back checked the domain and seems like it's a part of which seems to be some copyright defense team. My guess is, it'll result in a takedown notice of an image.