Monday, September 6, 2010

Youtube at a glance: don't Broadcast Yourself, listen to your favorite song!

As a Labor Day hold over - not hangover - I thought it'd be alright to list out the top suggested searches that youtube spits out when we start out with a particular letter (what's the most common search line that starts with A for ex). In looking at the results, it's clear(channel) that although Youtube's slogan tells us to broadcast ourselves, we are really much more interested in listening to hit singles.

The list as of Monday, Sept 6, 2010:

A - airplanes
B - baby justin bieber
C - california gurls katy perry
D - dynamite taio cruz
E - eminem
F - funny video
G - gummy bear song
H - hey soul sister
I - i love the way you lie
J - justin bieber
K - katy perry
L - love the way you lie
M - michael jackson
N - not afriad
O - omg usher
P - paramore
Q - queen
R - rihanna
S - shakira waka waka
T - teach me how to dougie
U - usher
V - vanessa hudgens
W - waka waka
X - xbox 360 slim
Y - your love nicki minaj
Z - zombie

It seems as if the "broadcast yourself" slogan now only applies to the letter F. And maybe Z too, depending on what this zombie search term is all about.

Check back tomorrow with the labor day hangover. do we drink on labor day?

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