Friday, September 17, 2010

NJ Housewives reunion resembling political discourse: That's how you know it's bad

So I watched the Housewives of New Jersey reunion the other day. Shit, I was down – thoroughly entertained by these women arguing so forcefully over so little: just like we do drama, America loves irrationality. While watching though, I started to get that feeling that you get when you are unknowingly rewatching a movie that you saw mad long before, where things start to feel more and more familiar until it’s like “ah fuck me, I’ve already seen this movie.” And when I got to the scene clipped out above, I had the ah-ha (ah-fuck-me) moment. I immediately recognized the style of argument: I wasn’t watching Bravo entertainment, I was watching politics.

In the clip, Jacqueline starts getting deep with Danielle starting at 1:20 – who apparently has got more going on in the chest-region than a dude wearing an Ed Hardy tee – over how many times Danielle played escort for Jacqueline’s fertility treatment. This is first of all the most useless of arguments. Whether Danielle went to fertility treatments or not?? Jacqueline says one thing, Danielle says another, and then they start yelling. It’s a basic (s)he said, she said situation, exaggerated by both parties screaming too much, and thinkin that any concession to the other side is as out of the question as a Teresa daughter without a bow.

Both parties yelling in an apparent zero-sum argument, which revolves around a dispute over trivial facts ::::: damn that sounds familiar.

Because it resembles public political discussion. The public debate that I’m seeing right now is like some sort of fairytale filled with jackasses – which by the way would be the theme of the Kanye and Taylor Swift collab album.

Consider: in discussing the Mosque at Ground Zero, we don’t fuck with discussions of the First Amendment, we fight about whether Obama is a secret Muslim. “He is!”, “He isn’t”. (See how I said fuck when mentioning Amendment 1, gonna go kick over trash cans now.)

In the debate over Health Care reform, politicians weren’t discussing real meat, they were too busy shouting about fascist, abuela killin’ death panels. “Fascisim!” “Not Fascism!”.

And as the audience watching our leaders yelling in disagreement over pointless details just like the NJ wives, what are we left to think?

I mean, we all know by now that it has gotten bad. It’s just that it gets harder to swallow when you realize that politicians and pundits aren’t doing much better than Jacqueline and Danielle.

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