Thursday, September 30, 2010

My GPS thinks Central Market is overpriced

My GPS has beef with the grocery chain Central Market: it's been calling it Central Mark-up.

I think beefing fits with the general personality of the GPS, always doing shit like interrupting important car conversations with redundant directions and sending me time and again through the cuttyest parts of town like it thinks I enjoy playing the high-risk olympics game. I’m like: “I realize that this might be a shorter distance to my destination but stop." It's probably an even faster route than the GPS actually thinks considering that I have to run through every red light. (or maybe that has been its logic this whole time).

So: I always knew my GPS was rude and stubborn but I never imagined it to be mad opinionated as well. In the video above - an On & True original documentary tentatively titled GPScandal - my GPS says "Central Mark-Up" ins of Central Market, straight up calling out C.Market for being wayy overpriced.

Which brings us to the edge of the question cliff: is this a glitch or an easter egg? coincidence or conspiracy?
Given that the Central Mark-up nickname seems to be an austin vernacular-piece, I think I'm voting for conspiracy. But I always vote conspiracy. (I'm not a birther though.)

Maybe the tale starts with a disgruntled Central Market bag-boy who turned GPS programmer to wreak revenge on the overpriced opression. Whatever the backstory, it's certainly a silly easter egg for the programmers to include.

Oh and speaking of eggs - buy yours at HEB, i hear central market is expensive.


Patrick said...

HA - that's what regular HEB workers call it!

RebaLover said...

shoot! i'm going to try that out! maybe it's HEB infiltration. all the check out people are always chatting about the most random of things. this might have been the product of one such convo?