Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest Post from The Food Rebel: Safeway's blog and what it means for food

A guest post from my mainest man Zach Gerstein. Be sure to check out his food blog: it's fresher than the produce section.

OMG, Safeway has a blog. And a Twitter account. Why Safeway needs a Twitter I don't know, but it's consistent with their awareness of the digital age: do-it-yourself checkouts, online ordering, and now a Facebook page and a blog.

The Safeway blog is full of tips for making bruschetta, advice on feeding your kids in the morning, and altogether lacking in original content. Their Facebook page is much the same.

As you know, when Facebook users 'like' something on Facebook -- be it denim jackets, Zigtech shoes, etc, -- companies like Gap and Reebok can see who 'liked' their product and use that information to customize their online stores. It provides a better, more personalized online shopping experience. Now imagine if Safeway did the same thing.

Using Facebook is second nature for my generation. That said, the executives at Safeway need to put their college interns in charge of their social media campaign, and once the 'like' button is available for fresh produce our entire food shopping experience will be altered. "Hey David, did you see Safeways new batch of white peaches from Frog Hollow Farm? I totally 'liked' it."

Social activists like Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, and Wendell Berry changed the way we view food by talking about GMOs, technological advancements in sustainable farming, and sophisticated satellite tracking systems. I see the next piece in the future of food to be the Facebook 'like' feature. By giving us the ability to 'like' what we're eating producers will gain greater access to consumer food trends, just like Gap and Reebok already do with their clothing. Maybe in 10 years a peach will have two stickers on it, one from the farm and the other a Facebook 'like' button.

Food goes socially viral, it's about time.

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