Friday, August 27, 2010

Z100 is that propaganda radio: but not on our watch

I always knew that we couldn't trust Ryan Seacrest. And I'm sure he has had some sex tape/ money laundering charity scandal in the past that I completely missed, but it's cool now because I've got all the proof I'll ever need.

There's some serious shit going on at the NY radio station Z100. Some scandalous corporate strategy that if left unchecked might soon corrode the very impartiality of our radio airwaves, something that has traditionally been one of big-up mainstays of this whole free press idea, which we hear is important.. This isn't one of those Clear Channel monopoly, Google/Verizon pact to destroy the internet type conspiracies (both mad boring). This theory has sex appeal and it circles around Nicki Minaj.

It's been a couple of weeks since I was in New York, but when I left they were still playing that "Your Love" Nicki Minaj song. And considering that a Z100 hit has a half-life on the Z playlist similar to that of styrofoam decomposing in a landfill, I'm sure that they are still running it.

In the middle of the song though, Nicki raps about how something, I can't remember exactly what (probably her dojo-master boyfriend), makes her "scream like Summer Jam." But when Z plays the song, they make a point to bleep out the words Summer Jam. ... yo commish, put up the woodward and bernstein bat-signal quick, cause they've got work to do!

Summer Jam is a Hot 97 festival, (obviously). And although I realize that Hot 97 is a Z100 competitor, it doesn't at all mean that Z gets to bleep out the name of the Hot 97 hip hop show.

Isn't the bleeper just for swear words?; I thought it was an FCC device to protect the ears of our innocent, not a tool to protect the ears of the masses from whatever the fuck you don't want them to hear. I'd understand if the name of the festival was like "Summer fuck".

I mean, the pyramids of democratic glory are most likely not going to crumble to the ground at the feet of BleeperGate. And the whole thing is really barely as annoying as when those never before heard of DJ's release leaked rap songs with fake fader effects (brand new exclusive-sive-sive, featuring...featuring...featuring). But I do think that it is important to note that the bleeper might not be as objective an instrument as we might have thought it to be.

And isn't the radio dead anyway?

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