Monday, July 12, 2010

invert the self-help hierarchy

who all is tired of the self-help industry say yeah.

I am. Not that I read very many self-help books. But that's the problem because I am sure there are skills out there to learn and in some cases master (nunchucks). It's just hard for me to be down to read some book written by some impressively accomplished but also impressively smarmy asshole. I hate when Rachel Ray says E.V.O.O and I forever think that other self-helpers profiting off of our belief in their teachings are full of shit.

But I am down to learn new things. Which is why I think it's important that we shake up (not stir up) the self-help industry. Introducing Jack-to guides, which let beginners do the teaching. Each Jack-to guide chronicles the trials and tribulations of an absolute novice on his or her quest towards a new skill.

The first installment in the Jack-to line is "From Jack to an App", my own step-by-step tales of learning the necessary skills to build a sweet ass iPhone application. This is practically ready to go, but needs a little help to get up the hill (like Lance Armstrong these days). So...

If you are into learning but hate the experts, and think that Jack-to guides might be an alright solution, head over the the page below. I'm doing a little fundraising to get this whole jack-to thing off the ground... (some might say this could be called: from jack to something real)

you will be compensated for your donations with sweet gifts listed on the donation page..


Magnet Games said...
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susan said...

are there any chances to be involved with this project -- as in helping to write some of the guides? please let me know by email. thx!