Friday, May 14, 2010

why muggers prefer plastic water bottles

It's probably hard to be an environmentally-conscious mugger these days. While I imagine that the mugger's crunchy side has got to be happy in the fact that the klean kanteen phenomenon is catching on, lessening the waste generated from hydrations past, his joy is most likely complicated, as now all of his potential victims are carrying quasi-weapons.

A plastic water bottle isn't much use in a fight. But when you switch the poland springs out for a stainless steal cylinder filled with water, you've essentially macgyvered yourself an off-brand night stick - the advancement in military technology comes to the water bottle industry. Now, citizens are armed, which makes the average 'mug' way more costly.

Vermont has enjoyed a historically low crime rate. In explanation some people cite the climate, arguing that it's just too cold in the green mountains for criminals to be down to stand outside in wait. Now though, I'm starting to think that it might have something to do with vermont being ahead of the rest of the country in the granola race. Those flannel-clad enviros (not that there's naything wrong with that) have been carrying around their klean kanteens for yeeears, and so it makes sense that the muggers have been hiding in fear.

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