Friday, May 7, 2010

AZ immigration: If you can’t exercise your freedoms, just make sure you look like you’re exercising

Sometimes in life we have to fight fire with fire, and for Arizona’s illegal immigrants, this is one of those times. Though I am not talking about arson vs. arson, or flamethrower-girl on flamethrower-girl action, I’m saying: combat stereotyping with stereotypes.

Here’s what I’m suggesting: if you’re an illegal immigrant, go and get a jogging outfit: a dry fit underarmor top, running shorts short enough to reveal your nuts when it’s hot out, and if you’re an overachiever one of those heart monitors. Then just wear that shit everywhere you go. Dressed like that, your legality will never be questioned, I guarantee it to higher degree than a Men’s Warehouse suit. (I wonder if in the suit distribution center the suits swap stories about the most recent parties they were worn to, “yo my guy was maad nerdy and wouldn’t dance, I didn’t get to rub up on any of them dresses!”)

I don’t think we need to dig too deep into it, I just feel like illegal immigrants are probably not as obsessed with jogging as the average American. We, us illegal aliens, can use this to our advantage. when the cop equates latino with illegal, we can counteract the stereotype with a jogger=a-ok.

On the flip side of that two headed coin, I wonder if there were an especially large number of people stopped for paper-proof in AZ two days ago, in that everyone, latinos whites blacks, was dressed up in sombreros and corona arms for 5 de mayo. Cause that’s how Mexicans dress, right. “Rog, they’re everywhere! Retreat to Lesiure World!”

Luckily I planned ahead and went to the party dressed as a jogger.

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