Saturday, April 3, 2010

the iPhone’s resurrection of ‘portrait’ shots, and thoughts on “paradigm shifts”

Just like Justin brought back sexy, the iPhone has reintroduced vertical style pictures.. “yeah!”. And Steve Jobs did it without the assistance of Timbaland’s hit making habit. Since the invention of the camera in 1814 by the brothers Chevalier (a bit of general knowledge with which to impress your photog NYU girlfriend) the landscape shot has held a Latrell Sprewell class stranglehold on the picture game – a huge majority of pictures have been taken horizontal. But these days, photos are showing up portrait instead of landscape, hot dog instead of hamburger.

It’s all due to the fact that we are quite an impressionable set. (fucking…, Crocks? And Uggs? And why are my greatest examples of lame fads footwear? SUVS in downtown?! Better) We are given a camera, we turn it on, and without much thought, we point the camera (most likely at ourselves and two drunk friends arm-linked) and click. The standard shot is landscape, and so that’s what we use, we only turn it 90 degrees when really necessary.

With the iPhone though, there is a new standard, what college essays would call a paradigm shift. Aside: I am tired of hearing about paradigm shifts. It seems like paradigms are now in a constant shift state, this one here, that one there, flying around all harried without direction or point, passing each other on the street without stopping to say hey. And everything no matter how inconsequential is now a paradigm shift. We used to say that the Enlightenment was a period of a paradigm shift, now we say that the release of the iPad marks one too.. What would be cool though is a paradigm shape-shifter, although I’m not sure what it would do.

But as the iPhone’s natural condition is hot dog, the iPhone has brought the ‘portrait’ back into play. Now we only turn our iPhone sideways when it is absolutely required: “she’s got a really big butt, man!”, and otherwise we just snap it as it comes. Playing field leveled.

Now the only question is who gives a shit?


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