Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do Mormons have soul mates?

A lot of us believe that there is one particular person out there for us; that there might just be one girl whose parents fucked her up bad enough that in trying to recreate the weirdness of her childhood she actually could be attracted to you. But even if we don’t believe in soul mates, we hear the rhetoric every day: “you’re my true love”, “you are the love of my life”, “I just got back from a date, mom, and I think that she’s the one…. Yeah, and I’ll come by to pick up my laundry tomorrow”

These feelings are everywhere; but do they hit brick walls of Footloose throwback resistance when they get to Mormon Town (what almost became the title of Big Love)? We have to wonder, because all of this “kindred spirit” language implies a specific exclusivity in love. And the only exclusivity that mormons are down with is wiener exclusivity (also: religion, sexual preference and musical preference).

But what can the mormons really say when going for an expression of love? “You are one of the loves of my life”, “you are one of the ones for me”, “my momS do my laundry…”

We see that it doesn’t really work – that “my true love” cannot be pluralized, as polygamy and soul mating are mutually exclusive states. (For a second, assuming that we all have soul mates: I bet polygamists are matched up with Amazonian warrior women – undealt with issues regarding girl power at work).

But this explains the niche of mormon rock and mormon movies. Since all of our media centers on love stories (taylor swift songs especially) and our sense of love is a one-to-one affair, non-mormon songs, shows, and films are either threatening or confusing to the mormon brain (dum dum dum dum dum).

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