Saturday, March 13, 2010

why spanish speakers use the prefix "re" for adjectives: they were about to say "retarded"

You probably haven't noticed but in certain parts of latin america they use the prefix "re", pronounced "reh", to signal the looming arrival of certain adjectives. For example, they say "relindo", and "reinteresante"; so in English that girl from Still Not a Player would be saying "you re-nasty twin", to which Big Pun would still respond "I don't care".

I'll tell you the story behind the "re": I think it comes out of the war on political incorrectness.

you know how it goes, you're supposed to have a filter. "hi, i'm a mac, AND i'm pc". If you speed on, you get peed on. So when the pc war broke out, Argentines, like everybody else, took some time to adjust. For example, when a friend was too high to order pizza without incident, a guy would turn to his less-high friend, ready to call the caller a "retard0", But he would catch himself half way to offensive like "that dude is rehh...uhhh....interesante...". And then the friend would say "ooh what you say" and he'd be like "reinteresante, amigo mio, reinteresante"

and then everyone in the room would be like "damn thats catchy, I think that that saying is really going to stick"

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