Friday, March 12, 2010

"Pawn Stars" and how you should choose your friends

So I been watchin this show Pawn Stars recently that airs on the History channel. It's a reality show that follows the owner and the daily activities of a pawn shop which was formerly owned by his dad and also employs his son, a real family affair if you know what I mean. Its a good show that features some really cool/rare stuff, but the most interesting part is the role of "the experts"...

A lot of items brought into this pawn shop result in big dollar deals (I've seen things brought in worth close to 20 Grand) so the shop has all these expert friends they call in to judge whether the items are real or fake, and also give an on-the-spot appraisal. What a valuable resource to have right? According to Wikipedia they have brought in 21 experts in 2 seasons. So this means that when Average Joe Fuckass tries to sell these guys a replicated version of Billy The Kid's handgun, they can call in Mark Allen – Performer and collector of Western memorabilia. Theres an expert for everything from police memorabilia and restraints to cuckoo clocks.

So here are the two, million dollar questions: Where do you make these kind of friends? and do they help the pawn shop employees in real life? When the owner's son goes out on Friday night and theres a girl at the bar that has those "Hey Ive seen you on TV and I wanna hook up" eyes (sadly I've never seen these eyes) does the kid have an expert step in? "See her blond hair is actually a dye job and those titties....definitely fake. I'd say shes a 5 out of 10." When he goes to buy an 8th from his dealer whose charging $10 extra because "its some bomb stuff from Cali that he just got shipped", can he call in Adam Crosby - Stoner and collector of Western reefer? I have a feeling I need to start building my own network of experts to make sure I don't get anymore raw deals.

Either that or figure out if someone I know is willing to pay me to act as their own personal Adam Crosby.

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perlacondos said...

The reality is that every pawn shops prices item differently. There are no standards to follow. Pawn shops that specialize in electronics will give the more accurate price as they know the industry well. Those that do not know much about the industry will price it higher to factor in the risk that they are not sure more help there.