Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The iPod, the cockblock, the paradox

Apparently boys used to meet girls at the gym. It's not too large of a logical leap to see how sweat, sweat bands, exertion, spandex, sweet muscles, and your fresh new pair of (cross-training) sneakers might lead to finding at least a temporary match. For all the sexual suggestion in the air, the gyms of days old might as well have been roman baths. But imagine how much less fun those naked romans would have had if they had been wrestling with headphones in and an iPod shuffle clipped to their....pubic hair.?

In Seinfeld they were always meeting people (including a Kennedy!) at the gym. But tragically, those of us who date in the post-Seinfeld era will never get to meet a Kennedy because we will be too busy working out to the sweet sounds of gaga.

I guess this brings up a semi-interesting paradox. We gotta ask: why do we work out? Partially to feel good, or to stay healthy, or because we love using the free towels. But at least part of the reason as to why we lift and elliptic is because we want people to want to fuck us. But when we bring the iPod along we are cutting ourselves off from one of the pathways towards the end goal.

What threatens the gym pick-up scene even more than the iPod though? Personal TVs mounted on every machine. Suddenly all the girls are watching the Food channel while working out (which is kind of weird), instead of watching me. So I'm like, yo I'm not doing this for my own enjoyment...

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