Friday, March 12, 2010

How we know we aren't in The Truman Show: The actors are too good

I remember back in middle school I'd often wonder if I was the Jim Carrey in a Truman Show like series. Usually I'd get to thinking about this when either lying, pooping or practicing slow dancing with the door. (we talkin' about practice?!!?!). I'd always be looking for cameras in the doorknobs, zigzagging through the house trying to catch my "mom" out of costume and make-up, and sometimes even stare at the ceiling and be like "i see you christoff."

But looking back I can finally put to bed my anxieties of stardom. There's no way that I could have been Truman, because there is no way that the actors were that good. Throughout my life, seeing a lot of monologues, some inspirational speeches, mad people cry and laugh, I've never had that cringing moment like "oooh, that's bad acting."

Because there is a difference between a disingenuous emotion and bad acting, between mischa barton and your friend who pretends to be happy for you when really he's plotting your demise. The difference is that in the conversation with your friend you can identify the realness beneath his two-face. Bad acting doesn't have shit anywhere. Cue the sun.

Watch a set light fall out of the sky tomorrow though and fuck up my whole proof. but that'll all come out in the laundry.

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