Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dick Wolf thinks he set Law & Order in Japan

Before I get into the Japan thing, imagine if our conversations followed the same progressions as those on Law & Order. Every time someone mentioned a place, the conversation would immediately end. "yeah man, lunch was good, I went to this great new burrito spot on 4th and Mission -" and cut to the burrito stand. We'd be like that kid in Jumper, except not as lame obviously. Luckily for the Law & Order crew though, they don't have a religious Samuel L. chasing them around the city. They are free to cruise control lead to lead, taking names and asking the tough questions on their way to the truth, the conclusion of guilt.

My problem with Law & Order is that they are too good at withdrawing confessions from their suspects, whether in the interrogation room or court room. My two-day controlled experiment found that the rate at which the suspects dramatically confess to their crimes is somewhere around 85%. I mean, Ice T is good, really good, but he isn't twice as good as the average; I did some research and learned that the average confession rate in the U.S. is only like 42%, the rest go through trial. I consider myself down with fact-skirting as long as it increases the drama, but I have to draw the line at overshooting the truth by 100% (42 + 42 is 84, so it's an overestimate by double, or 100% for those of you who aren't smarter than soon to be 6th graders).

The only explanation is that d.Wolf thinks the show takes place in Japan, where due to either cultural differences regarding shame or incredible police talents, the confession rate is over 90%, right in line with the Law & Order average.

or as a third option, maybe Ice T and friends studied law enforcement in Japan.

finally, I bet that when they come out with Law & Order: Japan barely any of the episodes will end in a confession.

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