Tuesday, February 23, 2010

crackhead proposes a plan to quell teen pregnancy: "it's gonna be a big nut bust"

Maybe this guy just finished watching Junior, but he's got some pretty interesting ideas on how we might slow these rising teen pregnancy numbers. Apparently, all of us men are going to be pregnant with babies.

Starting around 2:00, he gets going on the breakdown between the actions and the repercussions in having unprotected sex. He implies that men like me are unavoidably unphased by staying condom-free because if things go wrong (or right if you are a Duggar) the men won't be as on the hook for the consequences. The costs of the action do not accrue evenly to the agents, which is sketchy. Then how do we correct the mix-up in incentives? He has two proposals: either we impregnate men so that they finally realize the damages, or as he says, we can "cut off the little boys' wee-wees".

I guess the choice is up to us? Depending on which path we take, we're going to have to ask either Gov. Schwarzenegger or seƱor Bobbit for advice.

Dude's also got some interesting ideas on the future of the entertainment industry. Check it out, things don't start getting going until like :30 :

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