Saturday, August 2, 2008

That Obama is so hot right now

Ok so, how can you be a self-respecting blogger and not dedicate at least one post to those upcoming presidential elections? Well first of all, I don`t think of myself as a blogger, and secondly wonder if there are any self-respecting bloggers even out there, (if the blogosphere was a bar, I imagine they would serve a lot of wine coolers). BUT. although, I am not a blogger, I still have something to say about the so called hottest celebrity on the planet: Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

So it seems as though the McCain campaign has been spending their recent weekends playing Perez Hilton, spinning Obama`s international popularity into a dangerous, and unstable celebritism. Ok John, so maybe Obama is a celebrity. And since he is black, his fame must be rap-derrived. Thus, we can say that his time spent as an Illinois legislater was like him ghostwriting lyrics for the stars, and that his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention was like the release of his first hit record. Or the speech could also be seen as something like Lupe (Obama) being featured on a Kanye (Kerry) single. But then he disappears... and spends four years working on that highly anticipated sophomore effort, whose record sales the critics think will be dwarfed by Weezy`s new release. But the record is a massive hit with the younger generation, and Obama skyrockets into fame and onto countless magazine covers. (And by the way, some of his older fans are a little mad, feeling that he sold out, and compromised the musical integrity seen in his first album, just to sell more records.) But Obama has got this hit album, and he is a celebrity. And the McCain anglers, camped just over the ridge, want us to think that the next step of Obama`s fame will be gun shots, dog fights, stabbings, DUIs, and ill advised ventures into the stands at the Palace at Auburn Hills.

It seems apparent that whoever is in charge of this expedition is having serious trouble distinguishing between the ideas of cause and correlation. and its gawker buddies have made it painfully clear that celebrities often make mistakes. There is a correlation between celebrities and mistakes made. For example, a celebrity has a higher chance of being caught with cocaine (Hey, Obama did cocaine!....). But simply being a celebrity does in itself not cause the cocaine to enter the nose. There are choices and personalities and individual`s all involved. And thus fame is not inherently evil, and is not something that we need to fear.

Here is a fact: The bigger the fire, the more fire fighters. Or you could say, the more fire fighters, the bigger the fire. Then doesn`t it make sense then that the fire fighters are making the situation worse? I mean it seems like there are always a lot of fire fighters at the big fires, and only a couple at the small ones... And doesn`t it make sense then that Obama will be best friends with lindsay lo and pacman jones in just a couple days? Yeah! It is cause versus correlation, Mr. McCain. It is laughable. And when your house burns down because you won`t let the fire fighters help, we will laugh.

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