Monday, July 28, 2008

Side to Side

So I am currently in South America, and have noticed something interesting in these southern hemisphere bathrooms. No, it is not that the toilet flushes in the other direction; I don`t really spend a lot of time watching my poo spin away. Although I was wondering if when you get too drunk in the southern hemisphere, if your "spins" rotate in the opposite. Think about it, it makes sense. But anyway, what I have been noticing is how all the light switches in South America run east-west, instead of north-south. So to turn the light off you would push the switch left, and to turn it on you would push the switch to the right. Thus, as I walk into a room and perform the customary south to north swipe up the inner wall, I hit the switch perpendicular to the action and am left in the dark. It really makes you realize how beautiful and intuitive the up-down switch is. Nobody wants to wax-on-wax-off the wall looking for the switch. We want instant, easy access illumination. So, lets spend less time worrying about which way our poo will spin and turn these switches another 90 degrees. Come on.

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