Thursday, July 17, 2008

the Pill

So I was at lunch the other day with one of my friend girls, and she was talking about how she was in the middle of, and not happy about, cycling off one birth control pill, so that she could cycle on to another. Therefore, during the cycle-on-cycle-off phase, her and her boyfriend would be stuck picking up snow with a glove. Too bad. But anyway, it made me think: why does the birth control pill get to be the one that we call "the Pill"? I mean, why didn't the guy who invented the first ever pill claim that title?

I brought this question up with my friend, who suggested that we call the birth control pill the Pill because it is the ultimate decider of life and death. We use capitals when referring to "God", supposedly because he is the ultimate, he is the giver and taker of life. Thus it follows that we should capitalize in reference to the birth control pill as well. Importantly, however, the Pill does not take life, it simply prevents ovulation. It is THE giver and preventer of life.

Still, if I am the guy who invented the Pill, I am thinking I missed an opportunity.

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